3 Noob Issues (Missing add-ons, enabling slide view, and movie genres)
I'm running the Eden and the latest version of Transparency, I'm loving it so far, but I have 3 quick questions/issues I was hoping for help with:
1. I'm not seeing my enabled add-ons in the add-on section of the menu (specifically, Netflix and Amazon). In other skins, they're right there (and on the default XBMC skin, I can add favorite add-ons right to the video/movie menus. Am I missing something?
2. Speaking of movies...is there a way to view my movies by genre? It's straightforward in several other (admittedly less pretty) skins.
3. How do I enable the slide view for movies?

1- Never mind #1, found (at least 2) other threads on the subject.
2) go to the Movies button on the home menu, press 'right' and a submenu will appear. you can select genre there.

3) when you're browsing the movielibrary, press left 1 or 2 times, till the hidden side menu shows up, there you can select several views
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Thanks! That was quick!
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3 Noob Issues (Missing add-ons, enabling slide view, and movie genres)00