Where's the download directory???
I’ve installed XBMC remote on my Android phone and iPhone. The remote features works on both devices accept for the show music, show movies, show TV show and show pictures. It will display loading directory and nothing will appear. There’s no Gingerbread firmware on the apple device and it’s still does not work for me.

I’m using the Apple TV2 device to run XBMC and want the remote to display the directory that Ice Films loads the movies that appears on along with the Fanart I see on my TV. I’m not sharing any videos nor do I have a video/TV library on my computer.

How do I get the remote to show those images in that directory which Ice Films loads? There are not any settings for directories in the remote application.

Is there a way to set the setting on XBMC to point to the directory, which Ice Films uses to download?

Thank you.
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Where's the download directory???00