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Which ION board should I get? Need ir-receiver or a pci slot.
Today my old htpc motherboard died, so instead of bying a new one, I decided I would give ION a go.
Which board would you recommend?
I'm hoping I can get a board in the $150-$250 range(Absolute max $300)
1080p playback using VDPAU.
PCI slot OR included ir receiver
GBit NIC with netboot/pxe/bootrom functionality (From what I can tell most boards have this)

External power supply
External ir receiver/antenna with ability to power on from suspend using remote.
Able to use DDR2 ram
Passively cooled ;-)

Ideas of models or just plain brands are much appreciated! Thank you!

P.S: I will need to order it in the next 48 hours if it's something other than Jetway or eeebox.
ZOTAC NM10-B-E-ION Intel Atom D510 (1.66GHz, dual-core)

this should fit your needs...I would recommend a HP usb IR receiver!

in case you still weren't sure what you really wanted...
>>This may have more poney power here
Love XBMC too check this -> HERE (Last Updated: 25/01/2012)

check out the competition!

My hate campaign on optical discs started young, sorry I can't help it. :rolleyes:
Have a look here:
As it turns out my motherboard was not the problem. It was my power supply that died. Luckily I had a spare one, so i'll wait with buying until I really have to.

I will check out HP usb receivers when I finally do buy a ION. Also that linuxtech article was great! *bookmarked*

Thank you both very much!

Which ION board should I get? Need ir-receiver or a pci slot.00