Feature request: greyed out or smaller TVlogos for not-centered items
I dont know if this is the correct place to ask for feature requests, so I apologize in advance if it's not.
I simply love the skin and I'm totally crazy about the TVLogo view for Tv Shows. However I would like to see an option to grey out / shade the logos for not-centered items, or maybe make them smaller than the logo of the centered item.
A lot of the logos I have are quite large, so much that they basically are side by side to each other and they dont look very nice.
E.g. my eyes read "Kingdom Lie to Me Little Britain" even though only "Lie to Me" is the logo for the show that is centered.
It would look nicer in my opinion if there was a way to make visually clear(er) which is the centered logo, e.g. by slightly shading the other logos so that dont look so bright, or making them 50% smaller, kinda like it happens on OSX / Linux docks.
Which version of XBMC are you using? I did some work on that view in the 2.0 Eden version so that they have some more space between them.
Thanks for replying Smile

I actually still have Dharma, I'll diligently wait till the guys from Openelec put out an Eden build, I'm not in a hurry.
Glad to hear that this tiny issue has been tackled Smile
Have you by any chance thought about the solutions I'm proposing here?
what's the verdict? is it doable/desirable?
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Feature request: greyed out or smaller TVlogos for not-centered items00