Dashboard development for .com

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i work for one of the leading online broadcast company in the world (5 million visitors monthly -nielson net rating). here is the thing! i showed the bosses the xbmc and they loved it. now all the can do is talk about it. here is the dillemma. they would love to create a channel, like ifilm, but they also want to create kind of an .xbe or if allowed to modify xbmc (their favorite dash) to have an application that could emulate their website heavy.com.our website is loaded with videos and content that is completely geared for our demographics. we even host all episodes of red vs blue (that insane halo animated spoof). anyone interested and qualified and developing something like this with us please contact me@ "[email protected]" here is the chance some of you developers have been waiting on. 5 million users=worldwide recognition.
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wouldn't something like this be better suited for a python script? you may want to check out the python section.


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clearly a phyton job.
and there is a integration of linksboks (webbrowser) for xbmc going on at the moment.
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