[REQUEST] RTMPGUI plugin for live streams?
RTMPGUI plugin would be amazing especially considering all of the stream info needed is displayed. If someone could make a plugin that updates stream links as RTMPGUI is updated that would be awesome!
If anyone wants this it would be super easy.

it loads this xml http://apps.ohlulz.com/rtmpgui/list.xml

It seems to just be a list of rtmp links.
Well looks like a good site to learn how to make my first plugin with!
here is something I was playing with to list and play the videos.


You can use it if you want. It seems a lot of the links are down.

you will need to create an addon.xml for it
any chance of this being a addon?
Thanks Bluecop! I made an addon.xml and it works great! I realize a lot of the links are down (they were at one time mostly seeon.tv links). There is quite a community following for this program over at myp2p.eu. Whenever good links are found by the dev it is usually updated quickly.

Now I just want to figure out how to pull only the English channels.

I used an adoon.xml from another plugin as a template. I am not sure if all of the script imports are necessary (python 2.0, simplejson, beautifulsoup) but, I left them in place anyway.

addon.xml- http://pastebin.com/ReJBS3qb
Here is the full plugin. I put BlueCop as Author in the addon xml. If anyone can figure out how to sort by language or pull only certain languages that would be great.

One great thing about this plugin is that the language field and the "link down" field are the same so, if the plugin can be tweaked to show only selected languages then the channels with no links will not show up.
Oops uploaded wrong one. This one should install normally.

I finally installed it - but almost no link actually works!
castalla Wrote:I finally installed it - but almost no link actually works!

Most of the ones that do work are the TVSector HD links. This list is updated on a regular basis and when the dev of the original program is notified of good streams he will put them in. As I stated before most of the streams at one time were seeon.tv links so now that seeon is down it will take some time to find all new links. Here is the forum for the original program.


So are the listings updated dynamically when the plugin starts?
castalla Wrote:Thanks.

So are the listings updated dynamically when the plugin starts?

It should because it is linked to a webpage containing the links. However, I have noticed that it only repopulates the list after i close xbmc completely then reopen.
I can live with that!

I'm a bit surprised that the ITV channels aren't working given there are live streams available.
search for the now closed seeon.tv thread.. it's not dead..
the last file you uploaded says it's unavailable
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