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Channel Switching
Okay... I've searched half an hour now... and i just cant't find it... so i thought i'll ask my question here...

i'm using fortherecord and xbmc eden beta using the default skin.

When i'm watching a TV Channel..... i was used to (former dreambox user ).... to switch the channel with the up and down buttons on the remote but without actually tuning the channel.

Meaning... i could step through all the channels previewing the EPG information to see whats running... and then press ok on the remote to actually tune to that channel.

However... in xbmc pressing the up and down buttons instantly switches and tunes to the channels. Can this behavior be changed or is it skin related... please give me some insight!

Is this a skin feature ?
nobody ? Shocked
system -> livetv -> playback -> delay channel switch
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holy cow... i must have missed that option in the playback menu. Thanks for the hint!

Anyway... a maximum of 2000ms is quite short... given the fact that one may need more than 2 seconds to read the epg information of that channel in order to decide whether to tune to it or not.

Can this delay be increased (or completely disabled / no auto tune) somehow ?
afaik the feature you want is not there, but a similar:
just press ESC in TV mode an you'll get the channel listing with EPG (at least im getting it in my pretty old Dharma). TV will run on in smaller window while you may analyze other channels for content to sneak in.
Thanks... i know about that.... however... that requires quite a "few" more keypresses... whereas just jumping up and down with the buttons... and eventually choose a new channel to tune to is much easier..

... speaking about the wife factor ;-) ...

so am i right, that this feature is definitely not there and can't be tweaked using advancedsettings.xml ? if so... should i submit a feature request for that ? or am i alone with being used to switch channels like this ?

(anyway... i think most other TV "Clients" have that feature implemented like i described above.... like: dreambox, dvbviewer, media center, media portal ...)
Whats the "switch channel without pressing ok" toggle do?? i thought that would do exactly what you want... But when i activate it, on or off... Doesn't seem to do anything at all.
loggio Wrote:Whats the "switch channel without pressing ok" toggle do?? i thought that would do exactly what you want... But when i activate it, on or off... Doesn't seem to do anything at all.

That's exactly what i thought myself in the beginning.... but that option didn't work for me either.... so i thought that option must be there for something else :-)

maybe the bug or feature is, that that option isn't working anymore ?!?
It´s for the channelOSD, so that you dont have to hit ok twice.
So am i right, that the feature i'm describing is not yet implemented, and that there is no way to tweak this somehow ?

if so, i'll send a feature request for this...
You can press 'e' to bring up the EPG overlay during Live TV playback. This way you can scroll through the channels and view the EPG whilst not actually tuning into the channels.
Yes... but that requires too much keypresses in the end :-)

So can please someone confirm, that this feature is NOT available as of now... if so, i'll submit a feature request for that.
I can only speak for my own experiences (see my posting about missing features). The lack of a navigable OSD is one thing I've listed as being required for wife approval.

From what I can see the best that can be achieved without jumping out to the EPG or channel list, is now and next (if the skin supports it). Otherwise the OSD is merely a static representation of what's currently playing.

This might be an example where actually the channels list with mini display might actually be a viable alternative (maybe even better?) however its a change in user experience and so might take some getting used. I've yet to really check this against the official wife approval test suite! I.e. hide the Sky box and force her to use XBMC for TV viewing Wink

i'm glad, that i'm not the only person on this planet with the same or similar "user experience" requirements.... wife wise :-)

smile... "official wife approval test suite"... i like that... makes me realize my own wife approval steps :-)

back to topic... have you already submitted your features requests ?
For me its simple, it must have the same features as existing standalone PVR box (which for me at the moment is Sky+). Or provide a workable alternative, I'm open to accepting that there are better ways of doing things Smile

To summarise from my missing features thread:

1. Pause TV - this is TBD, but is a well discussed topic. Though I was confused by the fact that I could actually pause, but this is not a real feature its merely buffering the stream in memory, which will eventually run out and crash the machine.

2. Series Link - I've submitted this and I'm trying to discuss with devs as I'm willing to investigate this one.

3. Now/Next OSD (in other words your topic) - so far I've done nothing on this, waiting to see what happens and will investigate the existing alternatives in more detail first. Though I still think the option of a navigable OSD would be useful.

4. "Buffering" dialog, I think this is down to taste and isn't very important. I can hack it out of my skin if it annoys me.

5. Auto start - I think this is already in the feature requests on git hub, though I need to join the discussion to clarify a few things.

6. Recording - this was a backend issue that I've fixed.

7. EPG scraping - I'm talking to the XMLTV devs about this, but it doesn't actually stop anything working its just stupidly inefficient.

To summarise the only things really stopping it passing the test are: proper live pause and series link, though without now/next I think it would be a tentative pass (i.e. pass but with certain level of complaining/nagging involved). The others are more cosmetic and can be worked around.

Actually that's all a bit off topic Smile To really answer your question I've not submitted about now/next, though I can't say for sure if anyone else has submitted something.

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