[aTV2] Operation Timed Out

I have the following setup:

Synology DS210j
Apple Airport Extreme (latest edition)
Apple TV2

When I first did the setup with xbmc on my atv2, it worked perfect.
Lately, though, I keep getting the message that the "operation timed out"..

I can then try a few times and then it works for a short while.. It also happens durring playback.. :-(

Anyone know what is wrong?
no because you supplied no log file ... hit the first link in my signature and learn young padawan...
AppleTV4/iPhone/iPod/iPad: HowTo find debug logs and everything else which the devs like so much: click here
HowTo setup NFS for Kodi: NFS (wiki)
HowTo configure avahi (zeroconf): Avahi_Zeroconf (wiki)
I have been having this problem ever since Windows Vista - being unable to keep file shares to non-Windows machines working for more than a day or so after the file server computer reboots. As much of a pain in the @$$ as this was, I'd always figured the answer would be simple to find, and it STILL isn't.

The problem you are having is explained on this page: http://alan.lamielle.net/2009/09/03/wind...error-2017

Make the 2 small registry changes in that article and reboot the computer.

For those who do not want to read the article, or if it disappears, the registry changes are:

[HKeyLocalMachine\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache]

Change from 0 to 1


Change from 1 to 3

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[aTV2] Operation Timed Out0
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