Sedond display full screen
Hello all,

Maybe answer is somewhere here, but I can not find it... Blush

I have Fedora 16, XBMC 10.1 Dharma.
One monitor 1280x1024 as main and second 1920x1080 like extendet deskot.

I want run XBMC on second display in full screen, but in System - Video Output - Display Mode I have just "Windowed" and "Full screen #1".... ...."Full screen #2" missing...

Thank U for Your answers or links...

I couldn't figure this out ether. I just bought a 20 wide monitor in stead of the 1280x1024 so I could clone the desktops in stead of expanded. It just to much of a pain with two different resolution ratios. And watching it "windowed" leaves a line accost the top
Same question. Full screen 2 is missing.
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