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Corrupted DVB subtitles on HD ch (p8 stable60)
Hi all.

I've been using XBMC since 2009, and the PVR edition since summer 2011, and first off I must thank all the developers for a 1st class product.

I have been using the Pulse Eight (pre-)releases of xbmc pvr for Ubuntu (11.10) (connected to tvheadend), and this last friday (13. january) there was an updated version available, 11.0-pvr+p8~git20120113.477e921-0ubuntu1~stable60~oneiric.

After upgrading to this new version, dvb subtitle rendering got corrupted on all HD channels, with lots of "noise" displayed underneath each line of text. When streaming the channels from tvheadend trough VLC, the subs displayed fine.

Forcing a downgrade to the previous version (stable59) removed the problem.

There were no crashes or problems caused by this, other than the corrupted display of the subtitles. Couldn't find other reports of this on the forum, so just thought I'd let you know... I probably should have known better than to upgrade on a friday the 13th...Wink

Keep up the excellent work SmileSmile

The problem is already fixed in xbmc mainline.
I've had this issue too as of jan 13th pvr release.
Subtitles font messed up and pixelated noise instead of subtitles.
and.... crash.. log did not show anything.
so i guess i'll wait for a new pvr that is synced with mainline.
eden b2 will be the next build.
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

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I'm using latest build (compiled today) from and xvdr plugin and the bug still is there:
just installed eden b2.
this fixed the problem for me.

Corrupted DVB subtitles on HD ch (p8 stable60)00