Help with tv sector!
The TV SECTOR plugin works well on my PC with a wired Ethernet connection but as expected is horrible on my iPhone with the same wireless connection. My question is, is there a way to set a bitrate limit for this plugin or other plugins that do not have a configuration menu?
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TV Sector is a brilliant plugin with great channels.

Bluecop had it on his repo as a test and it worked great on atv2. Can only hope it is put back on the repo.
Where can I get the tvsector plugin from, is it still working?
looking for it too
Can someone copy the TVsector folder from addons and userdata\addon_data folders? This would be great

Thanks in advanceBig Grin
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Anyone got this
It is here but need to be compiles I think
bladeds Wrote:It is here but need to be compiles I think

With you on this one, please help? ;-)
if you go over the live streams thread black out worm has a xml file with all the streams from tvsector
Anyone used a password from Fb to access the protected streams? Curious if they are any good.
they dont exist
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