[WINDOWS] Using XBMC as a DLNA/UPNP remote!
For a long time Ive been dreaming of having 1 central remote in my house. Ive been using XBMC since the old XBOX days and still continue to use it in every room of my house. I have installed a touchscreen into my wall and use that as my main media hub. I have speakers wired into every room from here and its nice for music but not for video. I did not want that whole aspect of XBMC to be useless since that is the frontend for this touchscreen. I have created an app that works as an external player and just redirects movies or videos to a remote DLNA renderer.


XBMC_UPNP Download

You will have to setup an external player and pass it your server and renderer names as arguments along with the filename.

<player name="Living Room" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="false" video="true">
    <args>"{1}" "Serviio (HomeServer)" "Home TV"</args>

And rules to execute it.

<rule filetypes="avi" player="Living Room"/>

You can create multiple entries of the External player, name them differently, and direct them to a different renderer. Then just right click the video and choose to play it somewhere else.

I use Serviio as my upnp server. It works well with my Samsungs and it also lists the filename of the movie. That is extremely necessary since this program cross references by filename. Audio and pictures should work aswell but I have no need to test them. Enjoy!
This looks like exactly what I was looking for.
Am I correct in understanding that this will allow me to "play To" another DLNA player from the XBMC UI?
Yes it will. Its a bit of a hack but it works well
Hi. I am trying to set up something similar for a friend, except that he has an older mac so the provided file will not work for him. It would be great if you could provide some information about how you went about creating the program, or maybe even opensource it?

where do i put the .xml script, in the advancedsettings?

Hi Cluis,

Great work!

I want to play video and audio and pictures on my tv which is network connected (dlna compatible) to my windows 7 computer (running xbmc and serviio), in another room. To control xbmc remotely I can use constellation or soulmote, or the web interface of xbmc, from my Ipad. So I select media with my Ipad, but the streaming occurs from the pc.

For those who asked in this thread how to do it: edit playercorefactory.xml in the system folder in the xbmc folder. (for configuration and testing: when you run upnpcontroller.exe from commandprompt without parameters, it shows help.)

I also found out: When I change <hideconsole> in the .xml file to false I see a window on my pc which tells me that the server and renderer are found and after that it starts searching for file. It last several minutes before it plays the selected mp3 or avi on my tv. You have to be patient.

So that leads to my request to Cluis for help: Why does it last that long? Can it be made faster somehow?
It is really cool what you did, but I wonder, if it so slow because of the searching it does or is it something else?


My playercorefactory.xml looks like this now:

<!-- These are compiled-in as re-ordering them would break scripts
The following aliases may also be used:
audiodefaultplayer, videodefaultplayer, videodefaultdvdplayer
<player name="DVDPlayer" audio="true" video="true" />
<player name="DVDPlayer" /> placeholder for MPlayer
<player name="PAPlayer" audio="true" />
<player name="Philips TV" type="ExternalPlayer" audio="true" video="true">
<filename>C:\Program Files\XBMC\system\upnpcontroller.exe</filename>
<args>"{1}" "Serviio (Core2Duo7)" "Philips TV"</args>

<rules name="system rules">

<!-- For Philips TV -->
<rule filetypes="avi" player="Philips TV"/>
<rule filetypes="mp3" player="Philips TV"/>

<rule name="rtv" protocols="rtv" player="DVDPlayer" />
<rule name="hdhomerun/myth/rtmp/mms/udp" protocols="hdhomerun|myth|cmyth|rtmp|mms|mmsh|udp" player="DVDPlayer" />
<rule name="lastfm/shout" protocols="lastfm|shout" player="PAPlayer" />

<!-- dvdplayer can play standard rtsp streams -->
<rule name="rtsp" protocols="rtsp" filetypes="!(rm|ra)" player="PAPlayer" />

<!-- Internet streams -->
<rule name="streams" internetstream="true">
<rule name="flv/aacp/sdp" mimetypes="video/x-flv|video-flv|audio/aacp|application/sdp" player="DVDPlayer" />
<rule name="mp2" mimetypes="application/octet-stream" filetypes="mp2" player="PAPlayer" />

<!-- DVDs -->
<rule name="dvd" dvd="true" player="videodefaultdvdplayer" />
<rule name="dvdfile" dvdfile="true" player="videodefaultdvdplayer" />
<rule name="dvdimage" dvdimage="true" player="videodefaultdvdplayer" />

<!-- Only dvdplayer can handle these normally -->
<rule name="sdp/asf" filetypes="sdp|asf" player="DVDPlayer" />

<!-- Pass these to dvdplayer as we do not know if they are audio or video -->
<rule name="nsv" filetypes="nsv" player="DVDPlayer" />

Any reason why this can't work with appletv or Mac? Serviio is open source and multiplatform.
This is great progress for the dlna enthousiasts!
is anyone capable of forming this into a add-on for the repo`s?
it would be verry nice if it`s fully integrated into xbmc, just right click on tot the media you want to stream and point towards the rendere you want...

Also with the new raspberry pi`s wich are coming... i`m thinking of small cheap audio renderers connected to speakers spread all over the house.
And i am in charge of it all with my xbmc ui in the livingroom...

please tell me that this is possible!!

keep up the good work!
Looks great, exactly what I've been looking for.

Have a problem though and maybe you could help. I have a Lg St600 (doubt you know of it) as a dlna renderer, and your program can't discover it. The server is found without any problem, the renderer though isn't.

Any thoughts, or fixes?

I am able to find my render server Lacie Lacinema and my render TV Panasonic Viera VT30 but the program loads and its searching the file but it stops afterwards. Tried on avi files and mkv both added on the conf file.

Any help?
Di4bLo Wrote:Hi

I am able to find my render server Lacie Lacinema and my render TV Panasonic Viera VT30 but the program loads and its searching the file but it stops afterwards. Tried on avi files and mkv both added on the conf file.

Any help?

I don't really know anything about your server and your setup but I had the same thing happen to me.

It's probably because the "this program cross references by filename" as he wrote. I tried a couple of different softwares on my server and the only one that didn't have this effect is Serviio. So if you have the possibility try that.
Does this work for servers other than Serviio? As i have found tha'ts the only one working... even if i select XBMC or Media Player
Hello CLuis:

Are you planning to share your application source here? It will be nice to integrate it into XBMC.

Download link of the first post broken. Anyone have this program?
XBMC Korean User Group
Very interesting,
I'd like to try it but the download link of the first post is broken. Anyone have this program?
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