[WINDOWS] Using XBMC as a DLNA/UPNP remote!
Hi CLuis,

This is just amazing!
Do you have any update? In the Feature Suggestion Forum I have posted a request to implement exactly this as I believe this is one of the last bit of piece missing to make the ultimate xmbc (and my multimedia-dream come true)!!
Did you advance with your project? What is the current status? Would you be able to re-upload your file?

Many thanks in advance!
Can someone reupload original posters file? I would like to take a look at it.
Ok, this is exactly what I need it is perfect and just great, but I would really like the file upnpcontroller.exe to be able to put it to use. if anyone could please post it back up. or send it to me by pm I would be so happy. I have been searching for just about 5 hours other ways but I guess this is the only way and impossible without this file thanks to anyone and everyone.
I have found some vb script that might get us back on the track. I am looking into it a little today. is anyone still interested in this process? Is there another solution out today?
I, for one, am indeed still interested in what the OP achieved.
A working link to the original upnpcontroller.exe file, or some other way to achieve the same result would be great.
I would love this to work as well. +1 for mac
Is this file available ANYWHERE?
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[WINDOWS] Using XBMC as a DLNA/UPNP remote!51