[Walkthrough] How to create 3D subtitles.
Hi guys,

I found the following application that allows you to create 3d subtitles and use them with XBMC while watching a 3D movie. I've tested this and works great.

It basically converts a *.srt subtitle to a *.idx & *.sub file and makes them stereoscopic.

Quote: " What You Need "

1- You Must Have The SRT Subtilte
2- Download This Program 3D Subtitler From Here
3- Unrar it


1- Open .SRT File
2- Set Output Folder (I set Making Folder0
3- Set Jar File (Do not change it)
4- Set The FONT You Want To Subtitle
5- Set the SIZE to Subtitle
6- Set Charset subtitle
7- if The Movie Side By Side Set on ir .. but if Over Under Set on it.. Smile
8- Set Frame Rate .. This Option for .. get best Quality to subtitle
9- Set Subtitle Language..
10- Do not change it
11- Depth Option is Important to set depth to subtitle ( The Best is -3 )
12- Subtitle Position
13- Do not Change it
14- Do not Change it
15- Set VobSub
16- Set Quality to Subtitle

If you get an error message that it cannot find the 'BDSup2Sub.jar' file when you convert a sub, just manually point it to the directory (even if the directory path is correct)

Download link:

I did not create this application just sharing it along on XBMC, as I noticed that other ppl would like to be able to play 3d movies with subtitles. I personally tried using an external player but was not so successful unfortunately. And for the ammount of 3d movies I have I don't mind using this method. It only takes about 2 minutes max!.

Worked for me! Thanks! (of moet ik zeggen bedankt Wink)

Of course I did have to convert a .sub/.idx to .srt and then back again, but it still did the trick!
Nice little guide.
Anyone else having problems converting Half-OU subtitles? No matter what I try, they are mangled and even has a different color than I select...
just use this awesome site
(2013-06-19, 22:27)mgotze Wrote: just use this awesome site

Thanks! Doesn't support selecting colors and depth - but as long as the subs are in focus, I'm happy Big Grin
Does this work for mvc format?
I had a HDD media player (without Android) and the subs are show correctly, but I have an Android TV Box but I can't play the subs correctly because doesn't "fit" at center of the screen (the image is fine, my problem is with subtitles). I tried with SRT, IDX/SUB, ASS, etc but the output is always bad Sad

I tried some software but the issue is common. Any suggestion?
XBMC will automatically double subtitles if it detects that the movie is 3D and GUI is switching into 3D mode, so you don't have to do this for XBMC anymore.
You can also use an online conversion tool from srt to ssa/ass 3D format. I usually use http://subtitle3d.com which allows to select encoding, font, size, outline and video format (side by side or top bottom). I didn't had any problem with converted subtitles.
From Doom9 forum we have created some tools to extract real depth from MVC stream and create stereoscopic subtitles from 2D subtitles stream and planes.
But XBMC double stereoscopic subtitles when playing 3D, is there a solution ?

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[Walkthrough] How to create 3D subtitles.1
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