Upgrade to Eden - Jukebox Back Again
I upgraded my Linux production box to Eden B1, switched to Confluence, uninstalled Neon, Reinstalled Neon, switched back to Neon and the Jukebox is back when I select Music from the Home menu bar. Going into XBMC setup>addons and looking at the Neon change log it says v16.2 Dated 5/01/2011. All tabs on the skin info skin are unclickable except for the changelog so there is no Upgrade available. Looking at my Vista install of Eden the version shows as 20.0. Perhaps this will do what my Vista machine did and fix itself overnight.

Edit: My assumption, without any supporting facts, is that the addon.db is not immediately getting updated with the correct addon versions for Eden. Once that gets updated then the correct skin version should get installed...just a guess.

Edit 2: After about 2 hours the skin did upgrade to the proper Eden version so you just have to be patient. It was most likely delayed, in my case, by rescanning my TV Series. As to why a manual uninstall and reinstall did not bring down the correct version is a Dev issue and not a skin issue.
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Upgrade to Eden - Jukebox Back Again00