adding folders to home page
atm my hdd looks like this
home movies

is there a way to have xbmc show
my home screen like this

movies tv cartoons home movies cooking
is there any plugin to do this or any way at all thank you
Some skins are more user-customizable than others. Try out Transparency! and see if that gives you the options you need. You might need to save the folders as favorites.
any easy way to do this yet help
Could this be a part of your solution?
thx Miss_80..... part yes but i need more help ......
lets say i have d:tv d:cartoons ..... i can scan d:tv no problems so if i click tv on xbmc homepage i get d:tv... but if i try an add d:cartoons ,then click tv on xbmc i get a big list of d:tv + d:cartoons ... this is not what i want i only want d:tv listed if i click tv on xbmc on homepage
but i cant seam to make a smart list with out getting d:tv + d:cartoons under tv in xbmc

how to add d:cartoons to the database with out them showing under tv

i have movies with the same problem

thank you
Just to make it clear... and not to get muddled down in misunderstandings of what you're trying to achieve... (I guess I'm a visual type) here's a snap shot of clips from the skin T! and if you look closely, I think you'll find what you want...

[Image: 11700056.jpg]

<a target='_blank' title='ImageShack - Image And Video Hosting' href=''><img src='' border='0'/></a>

I should note: that all these sub menus link to various folders/playlists and all have thumbnails/backgrounds depending on view.
thanks getting there i think lol..... i still get cartoons showing up under tv
if you could have more then 1 tv and 1 movies would be so much easier

Well everything gets into the library when you scrape... and it's all going to show up, unless you segment those cartoons in an independent folder as shown above outside the reach of XBMC...or exclude them from scans, and make a smart playlist that looks into that folder. You're looking to make a hierarchical folder system, while XBMC is trying to put all of it together in one library, you're fighting a losing battle..

Yes I know you just want another TV folder... so just created a folder TV2 and be done with it, stick everything you want in it... and just use video files for access (no issues) but if you use the home button TV link, you see them all because it's showing you what is in the library....

A work around... using T! you can hide the home page TV Shows button.... Then make two smart playlists for your two TV folders, then make them through favorites link to Custom Home Page buttons, if your bent on this trail.
thats what i thought ... maybe one-day xbmc will understand that not everything is a tv show or a movie or give you the option to have more then one tv/movies set it to what ever name you like
thank you for your help anyway
I think the devs did think about this issue, and that's why there is a video button, in which you can have umpteen folders, each listed with it's own icon etc.. (or sub linked from the home page) or in your case linked directly to custom buttons on the home page. The call this file mode, try it you'll like it.
Frodo will now let you make whatever you want. We're calling them "Nodes" right now. You can have a home-screen cartoons node, concerts node, workout videos node, etc. Check out the latest nightly builds (wiki) and Custom Video Nodes (wiki).
Strictly speaking there is no official mechanism to put the nodes on the homescreen yet. but the library can be customized to your hearts content (or thereabouts)
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