Customizing xbmc
i have some problems by customizing my xbmc (version 2005-03-04).

1) is it possible to lock buttons like the filemanager and settings in the mainmenu?
i've tried it with the lockmode but it didn't work for the buttons Sad ,
it only works with the bookmarks.
also the lockmenu with the white key didn't work.

2) is it possible that xbmc asks me each time the password if i've accessed a locked folder
and not only one times?

3) is it possible to make filetypeicons, so that each extension gets its specific icon?
and where are the standardicons for the mayhem-skin stored?

thx in advance

cya maxxbox
has nobody an idea?

cya maxxbox
1) no.
2) no.
3) yes.  look in xboxmediacenter.xml.  it's very clearly defined.  the images are in skin/project mayhem iii/media.  if you dont have them, they are already packed in textures.xpr.

but, you can always get the source images from cvs here:
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