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RIP :(
Go group Anonymous!!
Hope they carry this on and on and on!!!
mikeplow1961 Wrote:I only started using it recently and found it a bit odd that all the sources were with one service.

They would have shut them all down by now anyways, the only good thing about putting all the eggs in one basket is that they have a huge reserve of cash and can fight back. Smaller companies wouldn't have lasted past the first legal notice.

The time now comes to do as the Movie industry did when Thomas Edison got the patents for motion pictures in the East Coast. The irony is that it is the Movie industry that lobbies for shut down of MU and all other content sites. The time is now to get smarter and figure out how the future of file sharing will survive.
iR0NBiLL Wrote:Eldorado... please contact me at [email protected]

I was wondering if you will be folding up shop on the IceFilms plugin and seeing if maybe you would like to join up with Team Navi-X.

Thanks and sorry to hear about MU.


Too early to be putting the nail in the coffin and closing up shop, 2Shared sources still work, though not many, give it a few days to see what comes of this and how good MU lawyers are

But anyone wanting to talk about particular addons jump over to, we'll be pushing out an update soon as well as 1 or 2 other addons to use in the meantime
Could do with an up to date decent movie2k scraper.

Can't see MU coming back online any time soon, no matter how good their lawyers. It's not like they just hosted torrents etc like some have been done for, they were hosting actual files.
All the videos on Icefilms are not working , even the is not uploaded ..

any news pleaseAngryAngry
seriously? Google megaupload and look at the news
its all over brotha..

sopa can lick my taint..

if this goes through it will be the start of the end for an open internet.
They' ve been taken down by the FBI. So no more Icefilms....
You think icefilms will just start to use a different host?
FBI closed MU and MV - anonymous strikes back -!/anonops
NO way ice films is going to update all the links soon, lots of work. Wait before you invest in JAilbroken APPLE tv2
unless of course you don't really care about watching low quality choppy video of American Pickers, then by all means invest in one for all the other stuff it can do.
Join NetFlix and enjoy!
No worry!
Or maybe Anon will hack their pants off..
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