Banners on Aeon MQ3
(2012-03-20, 23:04)dirkie Wrote: Anyone getting same results?

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this is still an issue, and im not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but its more than just the banners. For the shows that have this problem if u set ur banner view to banner info and select one of the shows with no banner you will notice that the entire info screen (everything above the banners) disappears as well. u still get the all the info at the bottom and the background, but nothing above the banners.

a few of shows this is happening for me are 24, lost, and death valley.
I am also having an issue getting banners to display. running Windows 7.

I am running Eden 11.0 with AeonMQ3 2.0.1 and artwork downloader 1.0.13
I use the following steps when setting up xbmc.
install xbmc
open xbmc and install AeonMQ3 from zip archive.

Settings for Aeon: Eden 11, no PVR, Super, Classic.
I then change the following settings within the skin:
view types: enable banner
art: Use 'poster.jpg' for tv series enable (prompts me to get artwork downloader, I do)
[Image: th_use_poster_jpg.jpg]

I then go to the video menu item and then files then add my TV show directory with the following settings:
directory contains: TV SHOWS
run automated scan enabled
scraper The TVDB
[Image: th_addshows.jpg]
then I go into settings and chose prefer posters: enable
[Image: th_preferposters.jpg]
then run the scan.

while the scan is running I can watch the items import from the TV SHOWS menu item. I get images for everything except for banners. I have tried changing to banners alternative from banners default and that still doesn't help.

[Image: th_RofEbanneralternative.jpg]

My folder for RoE
[Image: th_RofEfolderstructure.jpg]

working episode thumbs

working season thumbs

If there is something that I am doing wrong or if I have incorrect versions or anything that you can think of please let me know. Only very new to xbmc, trying to change over from Media Portal but some things are not clicking yet.

Cheers for any help Smile

im new to xbmc, so i dont know if it auto updates, but i think it must, cause i just turned it on today, and all of a sudden all the banners that weren't working now work.... Im sure i did nothing to cause this, so it seems this issue is fixed? anyone else?
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Banners on Aeon MQ300