Low but constant CPU usage on Eden Beta 2 over Ubuntu 11.10

I'm running latest Eden Beta 2 (Confluence skin) over Ubuntu 11.10 (Nvidia Gforce 9300 with latest drivers 295.09) and i'm noticing a small but constant CPU usage by XBMC (4%). With previous build i didn't notice this problem. I've tried different skins but the CPU usage is similar.

Has anyone noticed this effect or has any solution or patch? Will this topic being adressed in future releases?

Why do you think this is a problem? There is an OS running which is going to use CPU cycles even when mostly idle. Unless performance is hampered, I think you're worrying about nothing.
I agree, it's not a big issue, i'm just surprised because this wasn't happening in previous versions. Please consider that we are talking about an HTPC server that is awake 24x7, even this kind of CPU usage can affect board temperature and power consumption.
I too have noticed an increase in idle-CPU after upgrading from dharma to Eden beta 2 on my ubuntu 10.04 htcp (core2duo, geforce 210), which also runs 24x7.

I have gone from approx 4% (2.5 sys, 1.5 usr) to 8% (2.5 sys, 5.5 usr). These are averages over several hours. This box also runs a headless server, hence the 2.5%sys.

Also running confluence skin, sitting idle at the home screen.
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Low but constant CPU usage on Eden Beta 2 over Ubuntu 11.1000