Sound issues - no passthrough for certain codecs/addons
I posted about this problem many months ago, and also posted a bug report, but received no answer or any type of support. And it looks like no one has bothered with the bug report. Just wanted to have one last try before I give up on XBMC completely.

Basic problem: no audio for MP3 or FLAC, as well as no audio with any video addon (e.g. PBS). My setup is simply spdif to my receiver. It will handle AC3, DTS, AAC, and even with multi-channels (5.1). But any video or audio with MP3 fails (same with FLAC or APE). MPlayer plays all of these formats with no problems.

Log files have an error line something like: "ffmpeg has no codec for passthrough".

I know that this has worked in previous versions of XBMC.

This is a royal pain, since I have to convert all of my MP3 videos to AC3. As for my music library, well, XBMC is basically useless for that.

I am running Fedora 15 - and using the latest version in its rpmfusion repository.

Also, FWIW: XBMC will not run on Fedora 16 at all. It fails at start up, with no log files. And it causes the screen manager to reboot. There is a message that flies by about libfreetype failing, but nothing more.

What's going on with this product? It is really great (when it works), and in the past, problems like this were at least addressed in a timely manner. I hate to give up on it, biut, if it don't work, well...

(gripe, gripe, gripe...)

TIA for any help.

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Sound issues - no passthrough for certain codecs/addons00
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