Mouse wheel seek issue with eden beta 2
I have an issue with using the mouse wheel to seek/jump within a movie after upgrading from dharma to eden beta 2 (2:11.0~git20120120.f76c547-0ubuntu1~ppa1~lucid) on my ubuntu 10.04 box.

Previously when playing a movie, scrolling the mouse wheel would seek forward. A small progress bar would pop up, and the amount seeked would depend on the amount scrolled.

Now in Eden beta 2, when I move the mouse it brings up the new OSD at the bottom of the screen showing the movie poster, progress bar and play & pause buttons etc. But then I use the mouse wheel to try and seek, but it does nothing apart from highlight (glow) the on-screen pause button as if I had moved the mouse over it. It does not seek, and naturally when it doesn't work, you try moving the mouse wheel backwards and forwards several times, but it still doesn't work. Then, when the OSD auto-hides after no mouse activity, the movie then suddenly seeks/jumps depending on the previous mouse wheel input.

However, if I have a movie playing and use the scroll wheel without moving the mouse (kinda hard unless you hold the mouse in mid-air), then I get the small progress pop up at the top of the screen, and the scroll-seek works as expected.

I guess this may be a skin issue (using the default, horizontal confluence) not responding to the scroll event properly :/
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Mouse wheel seek issue with eden beta 200