Problems with new smart play list
Hi you guys, I may have posted about this before, but I added a new smart play list for my Italian movies to the home library, named it correctly, added the folder onto my external, put a few movies in, and whereas the new playlist appears on my homepage, when I go into it it simply shows an empty folder (with no poster), and when I click on it it goes back to the playlist again.

What is it I'm doing wrong? I followed the instructions of path, browse etc and it's just not working.

Feedback would be much appreciated as I own many Italian movies and it ends up as somewhat cluttered.


Is your smart playlist using the conditions
Path: Contains

If you made the folder on the external hard drive after the smart playlist, how did you do it?
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Yes, I did make sure the playlist lead to path: Contains (G external)

I named the smart playlist 'Giallo.'

I made the folder simply by clicking 'new folder', renaming it 'Giallo' and put 1 film in there, to see if it would work, but it didn't.

I made the folder before making a new smart playlist too.

Have I done something wrong?
What (exactly) did you setup for the smartplaylist? A screenshot may help here?

Are the movies you put in your Giallo folder in the library?
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I'll try and capture a screenshot, as for the movies, I put one in just to see, it shows up in the library but has a blank thumbnail.

How would I be able to capture a screenshot on XBMC?
Smart playlists only work with titles that have been scraped into the library... from the sounds of it, you've created a new folder on an external drive and path properly in the playlist... but because there's nothing in your lib with that path.. you get zilch.

Try a full scrape of that new title and added to the new drive path.

Screen grab with the 'print screen' key. should be set up in settings>system>debug screen grab path.
Ok thanks, I'll look into that.

I do remember having to use an Add On in Ember media manager in order for it to recognise it. A friend did it for me a long time ago (but I don't see him anymore), he really should have shown me how to do it and taught me, but he just sat down in front of my computer and just typed away and I had no idea what he was doing!

I do think though that in some ways, because I use ember to scrape, it's all connected. But it makes things even more complicated (ember is a very buggy program, do one thing wrong and everything gets messed up).
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