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Confluence Background Not Centered
I've installed XBMC(Eden Beta-2) on a jailbroken ATV-2, and i must say, i'm very delighted about this briliant program.

There's just one thing that bothers me, the main screen is not properly centered, i did not notice that at first, but seeing screendumps here about how it should be on other systems. On the screendumps there's a RSS feed showing completely, i just see just two top row of pixels of that feed, the shutdown button, and the button left to it is not available to me.

I've tried to calibrate the screen in the XBMC settings, but that only shrinks to top(overscan) and the right side of the screen, there's not an option to move the complete backdrop to the right and to the top.
I just have to move the background about 30 pixels to the right and about 30 pixels to the top so that i can see the RSS feed and the shutdown button properly.

How can i accomplish this?

I've tried to install the Confluence Vertical, but i got the same problems there....
Most likely a problem with your TV, you have tried the Over/Underscan option on it?

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Okay thanks Mad-Max, i'll look into it.

BTW, you made a nice skin yourself... but i'll stick to Confluence for awhile...
No that's not it, i've checked it, it's being set to wide mode, and all others systems like PS3, PopcornHour, Digital TV Receiver don't have that problem.
Even the AppleTV is fine, but when i'm get into XBMC the homescreen is not streched properly, mind you AppleTV is 720P

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