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[SUPPORT] Hulu Video Plugin
To install Hulu and other plugins you need to install the repository below.
Download Repository Here
XBMC Wiki: How to Install Additional Add-on Repositories

Old Support Thread

It is recommended you run the newest Eden Beta to use Hulu because a newer librtmp is required for playback.

If you have a problem please post Logs to pastebin. They should contain all the relevant information about the problem. Make sure to post your xbmc build and platform if you strip out the beginning of the log.
XBMC Wiki: Log File

Can this work on Dharma?
Yes but it isn't recommended. It requires you manually upgrade you librtmp.

Hulu Settings

Per Page settings control the number of items per page for different Hulu categories.

Hulu Login is a place for your login settings. The Enabled Plus options enables listing of plus items. They will play 90 seconds previews if you aren't a plus subscriber. Enable Login must be checked for your Queue, Subscriptions, and History to show in the plugin.

Library contains settings for exporting your Hulu Subscription and Queue items so they can be scanned into your XBMC Library. It will create strm and nfo files to be scanned into your library.The "Library Folder Stored in add-on settings" option will store the files in the addon settings directory of xbmc. This is recommended if you have a single xbmc setup. It will add the directories as xbmc sources. You have to restart xbmc for them to show up. You can then set their content and scan them into your library.

You can set a custom folder to dump these files by setting the "Custom Library Folder" and disabling the "Library Folder Stored in add-on settings".
The plugin will add the directories as sources when you dump the files. I do this because it is a folder on my NAS that is shared. The shared mysql database makes it possible to view my hulu library items anywhere.

"Update Library when Complete" will cause the plugin to trigger an update when it is done dumping your queue and/or subscriptions. This can be useful with the auto update script below.

To initiate the dumping you select the option via context menu items on your queue and subscription items. It does it in the background

kreeturez autoupdate hulu library script can be used to set timers to auto execute the queue and subscription dumping on a timer. This will make it so new episodes will make it into your library regularly and automatically. Read the readme file included with the package for setup.

Streaming settings control the playback of the main video.

Enable Captions - Enabling this will cause the plugin to download, decrypt, and convert the subtitles to srt. It is slowed on atv2 because of the encryption. You have to disabled pre-roll ads(see below) for subtitles to work due to the way they are assigned.

Quality - This is a list of bitrate options. These is also an Ask option which will display a list of all videos from all CDNs for you to select from.

Default CDN: this is the default Content delivery network. You should try each one of them if one does not work for you. You can use the Ask setting for Quality to easily try all the options.

SWF Verify - This should always be enabled because all servers use this now. I still want the setting for testing purposes.

Enable Proxy - enables the proxy

There is a place to enter your proxy ip and port.

Ad settings control how the ads are displayed with the content.

Ad Quality - This determines the ad bitrate

pre-roll ads - This controls the number of pre-roll ads. Setting this to 0 will disable preroll ads. Subtitles do not work with preroll ads enabled.

trailing ads - This will append ads to the end of the video.

Enabled Commercial Breaks - This will split this video into the segments based on where the commercial breaks are.

Commercials per Break - This determines the number of ads to insert per commercial break.


I am located outside the United States. Will this work for me?
One can use a US based proxy. You need to provide your own. Please don't ask where to find one. It is your responsibility and not supported. Please don't discuss bypassing region restrictions.

I only added proxy support so people could avoid paying for vpn or some other service. I would suggest you get a Hulu Plus subscription instead. 720p streaming is great.
Hey BlueCop. Thanks for all the hard work to make this awesome plugin. I use it all the time.

I'm not sure if it's possible to do, but I'll ask:
I'd like an option to automatically remove watched episodes from my queue. If you could add this it would be great.
Yes I was planning a toggle for it. You just have to post a view complete via the hulu api and it drops it from your queue. It is already capable of doing this it is just doing it at the proper time.

I was planning to remove the resume player that allow you to stop/resume with the site because it breaks xbmc built in stop/resume support. I can't get it to work consistently with the hulu service that tracks it. It only seem to work with plus videos and even then it sometimes fails.

Eden has built in support for stop/resume in plugins. Dharma does not.

So the trouble is posting the view complete for the video id to the hulu api when the video has completed. I need to replace the onPlayBackEnded for the xbmc player class to do this. I believe doing this removes recording the complete event in xbmc stop/resume support.(unless I am mistaken) I would rather have fully working stop/resume then automatic queue removal right now.

You can still remove them from your queue with the context menu on the items in your queue.

Nice start in this new thread, I think it will help a lot of people, and hopefully mean less support requests directly to you!

Picking up on my questions from the other thread...

I am using Eden and last I tried, I couldn't get ads working. That's why I had to set preroll to 0. I'll give it another try and see if I have better luck.

And just to confirm, no need to upgrade librtmp at all with Eden, right? Other than the ads, everything I've tried seems to work OK.

Lastly, you said:
Quote:bswiz: I am have a new version that works faster. I replaced BeautifulSoup with Element Tree and there is a speed up processing xml. I also am using the great Common cache module from TobiasTheCommie. It offers caching of any function. It is really nice to quickly reload directory or videos.

I was waiting for the Eden final version of the common cache so I could release it with that. I believe there were changes to be made. I could release it intermediate but that would probably cause problems with some dharma users who still use it.

No idea what BeautifulSoup and Element Tree are, but if the change makes things faster, it sounds good! Looking forward to that release.

BlueCop Wrote:To install Hulu and other plugins you need to install the repository below.
Download Repository Here

This is why I've had to use the svn checkout of the plugins. I haven't been able to install from that repo under any version of XBMC.

Here's my debug log showing the failed Hulu plugin install.


Are any of those other scripts from your svn checkout required for a manual install?
hmmm that's strange.
ERROR: Could not read addon description of plugin.video.hulu

I would be interested in a solution if you find one. I am not sure how to diagnose the problem because I am not familiar with the add-on install process.

Do other repositories work for you?
Bluecop I just installed it and i gotta tell you this add-on is sweet!!!. With Ads coming in hulu will be defintely be happy that we are not circumventing the videos and the quality is just amazing. Thanks for the great plugin.

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I committed 3.0.2 which includes a proxy setting.

It also includes Element Tree for processing xml which makes it faster on platforms like atv2. except search It is still beautifulsoup. I just haven't got to it yet because it is a different format.
Hi Bluecop. Just wondering if there is any way to sort the Subscription in alphabetical order. Is not in order in XBMC but on the web it is. Thanks a lot, is a great plugin.
id192313: absolutely. I was meaning to do that. I will try to bump a version in a few minutes.

done. bumped to 3.0.3 and it sorts your subscriptions by name.
Well... I noticed that the Bluecop repo had just disappeared from that list after a restart of XBMC. Sure enough, after checking my plugins folder, the repo was gone(?).

So I extracted the zip, and manually added it to my "$HOME/.xbmc/plugins" directory. This time when I went to the "System->Addons" menu, I noticed an update sub-menu. After clicking on it, I saw that it said there was an update for the Bluecop repo available. It didn't do this when I had added it through the menu earlier today.

So... I proceeded to attempt updating it, but it failed. http://pastebin.com/ZUePmHqp

Again, I restarted XBMC, and again the repo folder was gone. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that these plugin/repo scripts were deleting themselves. Confused
"$HOME/.xbmc/plugins" is incorrect it should be "$HOME/.xbmc/addons/"

NobodyHere: what procedure are you following exactly? I don't know where your issues are coming from. after you install my repo from zip what do you do?

I am seeing directory names I shouldn't.

Could you delete those manual installs and install it from zip.
BlueCop Wrote:id192313: absolutely. I was meaning to do that. I will try to bump a version in a few minutes.

done. bumped to 3.0.3 and it sorts your subscriptions by name.

That was fast, Bluecop. Thanks a lot. Appreciate all ur hardwork.
hmmm, captions don't seem to be working at all. this is with an atv2 running beta 2, tried both enabling and disabling pre-roll ads with no success. With captions disabled the shows play just fine, but alas I don't know what they're saying. I'll post a log tomorrow. Love the add on otherwise, great work.
JonWillieNelson: Thanks. I changed the url fetching function and deleted an old one that had been lingering. I didn't realize subtitles still used it. it is fixed now. I committed 3.0.4 with a fix.
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