Massive thanks and two requests
Hey there, first of all thanks very much for making such a clean and elegant skin. I am a long time user of Mediaportal but I have dabbled with XBMC and with Eden and especially this skin I am in the process of changing over for me and my family.

Two things though (and feel free to say no to them both! Your time and effort after all). 1) Would it be possible at some point to be able to hide the plot of TV shows as they often show spoilers but leave Film plots always on?

2) The only thing that I don't like in the skin is the icon within the TV shows. Too much black in it. The one thing that plex does well is has three icons for media. Full circle for unwatched, half-filled for partially watched and empty circle for when fully watched. Would love something like this or for users who want to choose to be given a choice of icons.

Once again thanks again for the skin though and it is really is such a clean attractive and very user-friendly.

1. Film, tv show, and movie plots are all seperate settings for each view so yes its possible for you to do this.

2. It's something I will look to change.
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Massive thanks and two requests00