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Network setup assistance - XBMC Remote
I've been working on this for a couple hours now... need your help please.

Can't seem to connect to desktop via wifi. I feel like i've tried everything 10 times. remote control doesn't work and library doesn't work. I keep getting a socket timeout.

XBMC 10.1 on desktop, network setup=all items checked, including port, username and password.

Phone: Android gingerbread 2.3 w/ official xbmc remote app.

Computer is hard wired to wireless router
phone is on wifi.

If I enter my computers IP into my computers browser, the XBMC web interface comes up. I can't get the same interface to come up on my phone.

Any thoughts?
OK.. mostly fixed my own problem.

I have to turn off Windows Firewall. I tried allowing XBMC within the firewall, but it didn't seem to let it through.

Any thoughts on how to allow XBMC to run while still having Windows Firewall on?
I have the exact same issue, it would be very helpful if someone could help with this.

Thanks in advance

Network setup assistance - XBMC Remote00