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My Aeon MQ3 setup
Thought i would show people how i have my system so far (been at it for couple days) and figured some people might be able to give me some advice to improve on my setup.
I have created this setup so i could sit on my couch and control everything with a remote device and have all my media under the one program which looks great is convenient and efficient.

As you can see this is the main menu which is standard for most, i have only the options that i use which are Tv shows, Movies, PC games, n64 games, Settings and Music. The system is controlled by my ps3 controller which is emulated as a xbox 360 controller so my keymaps were easy to config.

Here is the n64 rom menu powered by Rom Collection Browser and holds all US released 252 games (didnt care much for the exclusives), all roms have thumbnails and descriptions but haven't bothered with anything more as the artwork isn't as decent as more newer games that provide better picture quality. Ps3 controller also runs with this emulator.

Ah yes my movies which has nearly 600 and counting and not including tv shows etc, all artwork is immaculate and each has descriptions with no error or mismatched information, i go through one by one to make sure everything is in order.

Last but not least the PC games run with Advanced Launcher which i photoshoped each with games for windows live artwork to give it more of a authentic feel, all games run and work with my ps3 controller as well. (if requested i can upload artwork for people if they like my work).

Ok so this was all done in 2-3 days with past experience of course but i want to improve or "Perfect" it if possible so i can have ALL! my media within this one system and controlled by my ps3 controller and media center remote. What i am currently trying to do is incorporate all my games under one program (n64,ps1,ps2,psp,snes,sega,pc,ds,etc) so that its all neat and tidy under the one category and advanced launcher almost does this for me but is limited on the display of the games as the supported views do not display all emulator roms correctly (contacted MarcosQui and asked for the support of more views for advanced launcher). I have still yet to do music but i know thats not a problem and will get to that at another time and also have to do tv shows.

Other than that i think i like everything else and have done the best for what i am after but any advice would be awesome as i am enjoying doing this little project Smile.
EDIT: oh yea i am trying to figure out how to close emulators with my ps3 controler to get back to the xbmc menu, i love the new feature that when it does close xbmc goes right back to fullscreen. I have got my media center remote windows button mapped with alt f4 which works great with roms as they dont have a quit menu but pc games i close manually because using f4 doesn't work well and causes problems Smile.
EDIT2: One last and probably the most important thing is my controller, i need to somehow figure out how i can have xbmc respond to controller inputs when it is connected after xbmc has booted.( So it doesn't have to be detected on boot). This is because using the ps3 controller it is not connected all the time to save power.
Likey alot
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Hey dangerdan,

I am setting up a very similar setup to what you have, and have most of it working correctly.

Currently im in the process of setting up XBMC to allow my Xbox 360 controller to navigate the menus, be the controller in emulators, and also have some form of escape key to exit the emulator and return back to xbmc.

Have you made any progress with allowing the PS3 controller to exit the emulator? I am particularly interested in knowing how this is supposed to work, and how you have gone about it.

Also, how did you get RCB to launch your N64 emulator correctly? I can only get it to launch the emulator, but it doesn't load the ROM that was selected in XBMC.
I have a similar setup, except that I also use RCB for my PC games. I find advanced launcher quite confusing. At the moment I'm just setting up my comic books.

My Aeon MQ3 setup00