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Manual matching for episodes?
Is there any way to manually match episode and file when tvdb scraper gets it wrong or doesn't get it at all? Renaming files is not an option (I'm not renaming original scene files).

Terra Nova is one example. There's 2 different numbering from the beginning. Some list 'Genesis' as E01 and others as E01-02 making 'Instinct' E02 or E03 and so on...
My files are numbered according the E01-02 scheme so the whole season is off because the scraper uses the other naming. The last double episode doesn't get listed at all (it's named E12-13).
Another example is TekWar. The tvdb names the 4 movies as season 1. My files however omit those and are named S01 (because the DVD release was named so). The scraper gets the first four files but give the wrong episode info (obviously). So I'd need to somehow tell the scraper that it should use S02 listing for this directory.

There's a manual option on movie scraper so I'd like to have similar possibility on series.

Manual matching for episodes?00