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Stuttering then wathing live tv, using 4therecord pvr plugin
Thanks everyone for looking into this for me.

The 1920x1080 is probably coming from my HDHomeRun box. I've been trying to stream our local TV station that broadcasts in HD (but not at that resolution). I'm wondering if the HDHomeRun tuner is upconverting the video.

The PVR streams the channel smoothly with Dharma, just not with the latest code in Eden.

Margro, I'll see if I can find your repository (I'm new to all this). Do I have to do anything to disable ffmpeg before installing your addon?
Here's the log with the ffmpeg client disabled and the tsreader client enabled. I still see exactly the same issue.

From looking at the log, my screen resolution is 1920x1200, so maybe that's an issue?
Just an update on this issue:

I noticed this when I upgraded to Eden Beta and thought it was the PVR, but I discovered this evening that it's happening when I try to watch the stream directly (not through the PVR). The HDHomeRun quick viewer displays the video fine, and so does my Media Portal setup. It was also fine with XBMC Dharma, but appears to be broken in Eden.

I'm guessing that there's something broken in Eden for the HDHomeRun device.

Stuttering then wathing live tv, using 4therecord pvr plugin00