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Strange problems adding movies
I just installed Eden beta 2 and I'm having some strange issues that I wasn't having previously.

For starters, in just regular library mode, sets don't seem to be working. This may be the source of my other issues, as everything seems to be crawling with just 74 movies loaded, whereas in Dharma I had my entire collection in the thousands.

More oddly, it is skipping loads of movies as well and I simply can't get them to load. They have proper .nfo files, created with Ember, at the same time as the rest. I can see them in the files screen, but they won't load.

Actually, initially - "Falling Down" was loading as "London Bridge is Falling Down", which was very weird, since it had a .nfo file and everything is correct. I removed it and did scan for new data and now it wont' see it. Then I simply renamed the avi file and did a scan - bam, loaded proper.

The same was happening with the film "Fallen", it was loading it as some Limp Biscuit or whatever concert. It is quite strange. Renamed the file, it detected it.

Basically, all my Charlie Chan films that were in a set aren't loading. I had a Billy Connolly set, where some are showing and the rest are not. More oddly than that though, non-set films aren't showing as well, such as Caddyshack.

I'm quite puzzled, as all these loaded fine with Dharma and my naming conventions are generally sound.

Here is my log

You'll note it is saying there is no .nfo file, but indeed there is, such as a movie.nfo. I checked every instance. Which is arbitrary seeming, since Caddyshack 2 has a movie.nfo and is loading quite fine.

Here is my .nfo for caddyshack 1 that it says does not exist.

- there should be 152 movies loaded, but it's only seeing 75 on this drive.
I think I figured out the issue.

It seems, in many cases, having movie.nfo isn't enough anymore. It has to be <movie>.nfo

Otherwise, it's simply scraping it. Which explains why my custom sets don't work.

I'm a bit confused, however, as I thought having movie.nfo was enough when the movies have their own filename?
will be "fixed" in beta 3
Ned Scott Wrote:will be "fixed" in beta 3

Ah grand. I must of just been confused, cause I vaguely remember reading (when I was setting this up last spring) tips on folder structure and this and that. I thought I saw something that it was preferred practice for movie.nfo, but I may of misunderstood that and it's only a shrouded memory.

Thanks Smile

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