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New Visualization Possibility?
Hi all,

Would it be possible to create a visualization similar to the 3D/Earth one that has been released on the PS3? It is a pretty slick visualization / screensaver, that does a good job of protecting the TV from burn-in, showing music-now-playing information, and giving a neat background while music is playing at a party or gathering.

I think there are a few of these screensavers out there, would it be difficult to convert one of these for XBMC for Windows?


I've read some of these threads that it's harder these days to get visualization support and interest, but I do believe there are tons of users out there like me that would love some more options, and something neat/polished like this would be just something to help round out XBMCs amazing feature sets. I have zero coding ability but was wondering if some of the users/developers here would be able to convert/create something like this.

Awesome idea.

All we need is a video I guess then just overlay the track details.
Yeah, this looks nice!
Thats a nice video i think?
There is a download link included, its down, but i reuploaded it here:
Lets make this happen!
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