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How to play mkv file
I am new to XBMC and need some help:

I am ripping most of my DVDs with DVDShrink to ISO. These show and play fine in XBMC.

But I am having trouble with some of the Disney movies, like Cars 2. After trying different settings in Handbreak without success I was finally able to get it ripped using makeMKV but I cannot play it at all in XBMC(the file will show up but nothing happens when I click on it). The mkv file will play in other players like, VLC and DAPlayer.

So, my question is, can mkv files be played directly through XBMC?
If yes, what have I screwed-up with my rip settings in makeMKV or what settings do I use in XBMC?
If not, is that what an external player is for and how do I set that up? I downloaded Media Player Classic-Home Cinema to try if that's what it takes. the links I've looked at for setting up external players really have me confused, so take it easy on me.

I also tried ripping a Blu-ray (HP-Order of the Phoenix) into an mkv using makeMKV and then Handbreak to shrink it but that mkv wont play either.


I'm running:
Win 7 home 64bit
XBMC Eden bata 2
Intel i5 2500k
XBMC has no problem playing MKV files. Something is wrong with your system or the way you're ripping the files. We'd need a debug log of you attempting to play the file to see what's going on.
Hopefully this is the part of it that you need.
Debug log:

Here's a handy guide on the debug log. They prefer you post it according to the wiki instructions.
CExternalPlayer::ExecuteAppW32 - Failure: 3

Failure 3 Im pretty sure means the exe wasnt found.
check the path "C:\Program Files\Media Player Classic - Home Cinema\mpc-hc64.exe" is correct

Yes, that is not the correct location. Where do I need to change that in XBMC?
Also, why does XMBC look for Media Player Classic?
cank Wrote:Yes, that is not the correct location. Where do I need to change that in XBMC?
Also, why does XBMC look for Media Player Classic?
been a while but think its playercorefactory.xml
That was it.
When I first tried to get harry potter to play I had downloaded a playercorefactory file and placed it in my user file. Once I deleted that, both mkv files played flawless!

How to play mkv file00