Bug with 1channel.ch addon v0.1.3
I've found what might be a bug in Aeon Nox with the 1channel.ch plugin. When browsing Tv shows, then seasons, episode titles are not displayed, they appear as two full stops. Ie. ..

Switching to a different skin shows the episode titles correctly.

I've raised it with addon developer but he seems certain it's a bug with the skin. Is there any chance this could be looked at? It's a great plugin but I dearly want to be able to carry on using Aeon Nox.

With thanks
I don't think it's a bug in Nox. The addon author sets the content to episodes, but fails to fill in the database fields. I don't understand what's the point in setting the content if only listitem.label has text.
Anyway, you can switch to LowList or something else to see the labels or edit the skin.

Edit variables.xml if you want this to be fixed in List view:

Change variable ListLabel1Var like this:
<variable name="ListLabel1Var">
    <value condition="Container.Content(songs)|[Container.Content(episodes) + !SubString(Container.FolderPath,plugin.video)]">$INFO[ListItem.Title]</value>
I know I've said this before but Big Noid, you rock.
Thanks so much for this fix!! Worked like a charm!
Keep up the good work!!
if this breaks other plugins, just add the whole plugin foldername so that it only applies to that particular addon.
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Bug with 1channel.ch addon v0.1.300