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Margro Beta 2
I'm wondering if anyone else is having troubles organizing channels in the latest betas? I'm using Margros latest Eden Beta 2 with 4TR backend. But I can no longer hide or deactivate unwanted channels in XBMC.

Hitting Activate button and then applying changes seemingly does nothing, If I return immediately to the channel manager the same channels are still activated, no matter how many times i deactivate and apply the changes.

I have also reset the EPG database and deleted it manually but my unwanted channels are now always in the EPG.

Also another minor thing I have noticed is that nothing shows in the "Channel" EPG anymore (has been that way for a few builds now) yet all the other EPG's like Now and Next, Timeline are working fine.

Anyone else having these issues?
Not here. I am not having any of those issues. I am also using Margro Beta 2 with the 4TR backend.

Margro Beta 200