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Need help with webpage design and instructions for new remote app.
My program is almost ready for release. It's very unique in the aspect of it is completely built using XML. It has so many functions and options I decided to build an editor for it. You can custom build a GUI program that will controll xbmc and almost any other program on your entire network in about 2hrs. Here is a short list:
Send json to any other program
Run or exit any program on your network.
Send keystrokes to any program on your network.
Control any hardware with ir signals using an itach device on your network.
Turn up or down/mute the vol of any pc on network.
Display all your movies/music libraries and launch items over network.
And many other small things for touchscreen usage, hide task bar, start button, start screensaver, hide cursor, ect..
With the editor u build your program and then add functions to each button. There is no limit to functions for a single button so you could turn on all your entertainment system, turn off lights, set to correct inputs and boot htpc with the click of a single button on a program that u design. I am up to 6 pcs in my house and this runs on every single on to give me control over every thing else at any on pc.

This is the coolest thing... U can export a panel from the app and enable webapp so that same GUI and funtionality is avail on any device with a browser!

From messing with it I see the capabilities are almost endless and you don't need to know how to write a single line of code.

My problem is I have no free time to develop detailed webpage and instructions to assist people using the program. I have a readme file and a program built with the editor that demonstrates almost all the capabilities of the program.
It looks like I should be ready for testing by end of next week. I have done many test already but when dealing with tcp communications and network functions alot of things won't work it the ports aren't setup and ip address is wrong. Because of this detailed instructions are a must. The demo app I made workes perfectly on my pc but any one else will have to change the ports and ip settings for it to work. Some knowledge of program design would be nice Wink
I am getting a website to host prob tonight so by the end of the week you would get an early preview and testing of the program.
I'll post more info when I get off work.
I threw together a demo app using the editor that controls pandora, itunes, xbmc, and my mediaplayer pc and sony system.

Below are some pics of whats possible. These are built for an iphone 3gs resolution but will work on anything that has a browser. The whole webapp took 45 min to create and export.

and here is a pic of the editor when I was building the demo app to show the possiblities.

If you notice the shadows and how they make it 3d. these are just shadow images you can put over the backgrounds to give it depth.

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Need help with webpage design and instructions for new remote app.00