any plans for pvr without backend?

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Question  any plans for pvr without backend?
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I have been trying out pvr with mediaportal as backend. It seems a bit slow and unstable.
So I was wondering if there are plans to make pvr without using a backend? It should be possible using a network tuner as hdhomerun.

I have hdhomerun which runs much faster and smoother when set up in xbmc as streams or imbedded into the amazing addon called tvguide:
With the tvguide addon it works like the pvr (with out recording) but it seems a lot more stable and smooth.
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Kirky99 Offline
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Needs to be more universal than HDHomeruns, so I'm guessing not. I wouldn't judge stability until its officially released, roadmap says we're at least a year away.
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salora Offline
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I'm using a hdhomerun too with mediaportal tvserver as backend and margro's pvr build for a year and it's very stable and don't seem slow to me!
Some few features are missing but it's going on the good way :-)
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