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Intermittent TV Show Navigation Failure
Since I have updated to Eden I have seen an issue with being unable to navigate through my TV Shows about once a day. Every time it has happened it was after watching another show. I can back out of the current season and show to the "root" of the TV Show area. However at that point no arrow input is accepted. If I back out to the main menu and then go back into the TV Show area all arrow keys are working again.

I am currently running Neon (SVN) on Eden beta 2. However I also noticed this behavior on Beta 1. Never saw this with Dharma. I have 3 HTPCs that connect make to a WHS and us a MySQL database. I have seen the problem on all three of my devices. I have only seen this in Logo view but I have not spent much time in other views. I have only seen this with Neon, but I also have only spent a couple of hours outside of Neon.

I just wanted to see if anyone else has seen behavior like this before I dive in too deep.

Intermittent TV Show Navigation Failure00