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[WINDOWS] Create windows installer with custom skin and preferences.
I've made an android remote app for XBMC that works best with a custom skin and specific preferences.

Is there a way (other than building from source, which I'd like to avoid if possible) to make a single file that, when executed will install XBMC with my custom skin and preferences as default?

I've made the app for super low tech-familiarity, so I want to remove as many steps as possible.

If you're interested in the project I'll happily describe it, but it also speaks to my private sever at the moment so I won't be publicising it fully until I've got it totally decoupled.

Thanks for your help.

have a look at our build system. it's basically a couple of batch files which
1) grabs all deps
2) compiles xbmc
3) builds the installer

you want to skip steps 1 and 2, and modify step 3.
Thanks, I'll do that.

[WINDOWS] Create windows installer with custom skin and preferences.00