About the Sync multiple libraries wiki.
After following the wiki for Syncing Multiple libraries (which I note has be altered since I followed it earlier today), I found my attempts failing.

I then turned to the Lifehacker tutorial which is basically the same as the one found in the wiki except that it tells the reader to CREATE the music & video databases from the MySQL command line. For me, CREATEing the xbmcmusic & xbmcvideo databases allowed my attempt to succeed.

Is the lack of CREATE instructions intentional or an oversight?
Yes, same for me couldnt get it to work with Eden beta without creating the dbs myself and then removing the name tag from the advancedsettings.xml.
Intentional. If XBMC is not creating the DBs then there's a problem/bug that needs to be fixed. Did the XBMC user have permissions to create new DBs on the MySQL server?
I followed the wiki to the letter. Wink

If all that was required to do so was to " GRANT ALL ON *.* TO 'xbmc'; "

Then yes.

Here's the page from Lifehacker which did the job for me, note that the only times where it deviates from the wiki here, is in CREATEing the databases and a visual confirmation of permissions.

There is also a <name> key for each database in the advancedsettings.xml in the Lifehacker version.
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