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ActivateWindow Different behavior in keyboard.xml?
Hello! I am using Eden with Alaska Revisited skin. I have assign onclick action on one of buttons on home screen in "Includes_HomeDefault.xml":
this is openning on of my video sources.
but the same action assigned in keayboard.xml does't work properly, it just open a list of my sources.
Quote:<i mod="ctrl">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;\\\\MediaServer\\Media\\Media\\Сериалы\\&quot;,return)</i>
I have tried diiferent keys, ReplaceWindow, deleting "return", deleting russian symbols in path and "XBMC." prefix. Nothing changed.
What's wrong? Pls help me understand. Or mayby the is existing something like "DoClick(controlID)"?

ActivateWindow Different behavior in keyboard.xml?00