set actual view as default for "sub-dirs"

i would like to see an option in the sidemenu in xbmc, where i can set a chosen view for every following "sub-directories" (is this the right term in xbmc?).

for example:

i start the youtube addon and go to "search". instead of the "default list view" (which i really don't like at all) i chose another skin dependent view (like "low list-view" in mq3). now when i do a search the results are displayed in the default list view again. i have to set every resultpage for every new search to get a nicer view which is not very comfortable.

would it be possible, if you have an option in the sidemenu, where u define the actual view as default for every sub-dir from here on (in this case i set the "low list-view" in level 2 as default for every sub-dir below):

level 1: wall-view: youtube addon
level 2: low list-view: Search
level 3: low list view: <Result 1, page 1>,<Result 2, page 1>,<...>
level 4: low list view: <Result 1, page 2>,<Result 2, page 2>,<...>

hope you get the point due to my lacking english skills.

I have been seeing the same issue being discussed all over the forums, and have the same problem myself.
Is there really no way to set a default view? It really is annoying having to switch every single time I exit a sub.

Perhaps this can be implemented into the 11 final? Big Grin
I'm looking for the same functionality - if anyone knows of a way please let us know!

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set actual view as default for "sub-dirs"00