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Great skin - amazing how much effort has been put into it, and how great it looks and feels.

Have one minor problem though. In Episode View, it seems to show a badly distorted banner instead of showing either TV show thumb or Season thumb. Actually changing between those thumbs has no effect whatsoever.

I've enabled both Use banner.jpg and Use poster.jpg in options, and have no problems with any other view. In the TV-show folders banner.jpg and poster.jpg exists as well as seasons posters.

This is what I see:


How can I correct this?

you can try and open the show information window and press refresh it will ask you if you want to refresh info for all shows say no

then it will ask you if you want to refresh from the internet say yes then select the correct title from the window that pops up with possible search results then give it a little bit and it should find and download the banner

this is what i do of course i am using a different skin but it should work with any skin having this issue
Set the scraper to 'Prefer posters' and refresh the show info but decline to refresh all episodes.

Thanks for your suggestions, but no go. The scraper is already on Prefer Posters, and updating all information from the internet changes nothing unfortunately.

Just as a test, I tried deleting the series from XBMC, and then deleted tvshow.nfo and all fanarts, poster / banner etc. from the tv-show folder. The only thing left in the folder is the episode. Updated the database which made XBMC add the show to the database and download all information from the internet. That didn't change anything either - the poster displayed in Episode View is still a distorted banner.

But - then I manually chose to change icon, and selected a poster, and then it suddenly worked as intended.

So - the error seem to be that XBMC uses an icon for each series that can be either a banner or a poster. Aeon Nox adds a dedicated poster and banner for each series as well. This does raise a point though - why is Aeon Nox displaying the series icon in Episode View instead of using the series poster as I have enabled in skins options?

Oh - and BTW - a quick solution for this problem is to export the entire library as separate files. Rename all the icon.jpg to poster.jpg. Delete all series from database and then update the database. This does require that one has enabled importwatchedstate in advancedsettings though.

Any official remedy for this? I believe I'm in the same boat as the OP, where the same image is being used for the banner and poster, regardless of skin settings.
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