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Resume and bookmark audio files
It would be really good to be able to pause playing an audio file (perhaps an audiobook or a podcast), and to be able to resume playing at a later date from the same point in the file. There is a facility for bookmarking video files, but not (it seems) audio files.

My enthusuasm for this comes about because of the likelihood that the forthcoming Raspberry Pi tiny-computer will make an excellent portable media player when used with XBMC. I would like to be able to replay audio files (in MP2, MPG and MP3 formats) with this bookmarking facility.

Is there any prospect for getting this facility added, please?
I too would love to have this feature. I end up using iTunes just for that reason.
Thanks for your support, JP. A perceived problem that has prevented me (and my wife) from using iTunes is that I have not found a portable media player with iTunes that does not have a touch screen or tiny buttons - no good for a person with arthritic fingers!! There will be much more scope for a user-friendly interface with XBMC on a Raspberry Pi. BernardG.
As i often listen conferences or radio shows, i would be very happy to have this feature !
I also wanted to ask for this. Some podcast run for several hours! Additionally I'd like to recommend to change the entry MUSIC to AUDIO in the main screen, cause this would include podcasts.

I wrote something like this for Music on Console on Gnu/Linux, which I didn't make public so far cause I've to make some adjudgements. However, if Kodi would have an option of asking how many seconds a file played, it would be easy to write a such script or change mine. With mocp it works that way:

sh-4.1# mocp -i
State: STOP
sh-4.1# mocp -i
State: PLAY
File: /mnt/podcasts/Podcasts/lnp127-hast-sich-fast-gereimt.oga
Title: Linus Neumann, Tim Pritlove - LNP127 Hast sich fast gereimt (Logbuch:Netzpolitik)
Artist: Linus Neumann, Tim Pritlove
SongTitle: LNP127 Hast sich fast gereimt
Album: Logbuch:Netzpolitik
TotalTime: 68:34
TimeLeft: 00:10
TotalSec: 4114
CurrentTime: 68:24
CurrentSec: 4104
Bitrate: 39kbps
AvgBitrate: 50kbps
Rate: 44kHz

With 'mocp -k 4114' after starting the file again, the player jumps to the given time. This makes it relatively easy to write a script for resuming from the last time or from bookmarks.

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