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XBMC 11.0 Eden: Beta3 available now
ojaca Wrote:I too use an Acer Aspire Revo on 9.11. I run it from a flash drive instead of installing it on the mahine, once I'm afraid running XBMC on top of a very slow PC with a single core ATOM processor and Windiws XP won't work properly. And it should be easier to move from one version to the other - just format the flashdrive.
I've downloaded the beta 3 XBMCbuntu .iso file, used unetbootin to create a bootable usb drive and it worked fine. I can run XBMC without installing it on the Hard Disk. However, as apposed to version 9.11, the settings don't get saved on reboot. My weather location and network drives are reset. Any clues?

Try remaking your usb key with this:


And enable some space on the key for persistence. (you'll see it as an option in the program)
whats the xbmc-live b3 new service name ? service xbmc-live stop/restart is not working ?
I find it hard to believe or even understand why users were still on Camelot!
I guess I have update bug more than some.

Why did you skip Dharma!?
Hardware Video Acceleration has been superb. Welcome back to XBMC!

Granted, Camelot was stable and impressive for it's time - 2 years ago.
But things just kept getting better... Shocking.
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I've been holding back on installing the beta because of previous issues with betas and incompatibilities with stable, so if I install this beta will I be able to install the final release over it with no problems?
sourbob Wrote:Fantastic that this is up! Thanks so much.

I have been using Night as my theme, and now my favorited smart playlists that used to show up as submenu choices under Movies and TV are coming up as black screens.

I've asked in the Night thread for help, but that skin may not be in active development.

Could someone recommend a nice, clean, simple skin that would allow me to have smartplaylists added as sub-choices under Movies and TV from the main menu?

Try Cirrus Extended.
oublie Wrote:Got it, Running it seems to have a better movie set creation capability. is there a change log for beta 3 yet?

+1 Smile
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Update to 3.0 is crashing my apple tv 2 like crazy. This did not occur in Eden 2.0. Anyone else having this issue? About to downgrade back to 2.0
T800 Wrote:Try Cirrus Extended.

Thanks! Just along the lines of what I was looking for.
I've got one question, oops two now.
1) I am running 11 b3 and have installed over b1 and b2 with no issues at this time, I am using the Transparency skin and finally with b3 I have found the movie sets. I have applied it but I don't see where it scans and places them in a set? I read somewhere that I need to use a certain scraper? Anyone else know?
2) What is the Movie theater experience? I noticed it since b2 but not sure exactly what it is to do?

Everyone has been great. thanks again
Also: it seems the buffering is very slow for movie trailers. it could be me but wondering if anyone else has that
loopez Wrote:whats the xbmc-live b3 new service name ? service xbmc-live stop/restart is not working ?

try using

sudo service lightdm stop
sudo service lightdm start
castalla Wrote:UPnP bugs not fixed.

Bummed about this. Works fine in Dharma, not Eden... Oo

is not b3 specific

But does anybody know to skip this message by rar'ed files ? Sad

englisch "xbmc Needs to unpack a big file Continue"
german "Eine große Datei muss entpackt werden. Fortfahren ?"

Is because all my movies are rar'ed. Wink

Which script / file is causing this ? Perhaps I can fix this by myself ? Huh

Thanks a lot!!! Blush
can anyone tell me how to increase the font size of the installer gui please?

its unreadable on my 40" telly...
why the HELL all your movies are rar'ed? Shocked

Big Grin
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