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Transfer settings to SVN
Right now im running Back Row 3.5.0 on Eden b3 and i would like to move to SVN version but i dont feel like redoing all my settings. Is there a easy way to move my settings over to the SVN version. Im assuming its copying xml's but i dont know which to copy

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I don't think changing over to svn will affect anything in your skin settings
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All the skin settings are stored in the guisettings.xml inside the "userdata" folder.

If you wanted to transfer over all your custom settings to the svn version of the skin then you could in theory change every instance of skin.back-row to skin.back-row.svn within that file - I think that would do it. However you should really do that before you install the SVN version of the skin. If you have already installed the SVN version of the skin then you would need to probably remove the SVN entries first or you would have conflicting entries in the guisettings.xml

As always back up your guisettings.xml somewhere before messing with it.

Transfer settings to SVN00