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I've used to have a (no so perfect but pratical) view for the Videos Addons page, I think it was like Wall or Poster Wall, with a wall of all Addons logo.

Now I've upgraded to Eden3 (same for Eden2, didn't try on 1) and this view is no more available (in Videos Addons), there is the logo view that seams even better but of course what called logo here is for TV Shows and the actual "logo" of Addons are in fact Posters, am I right ?

1) Why this view disapear after updating XBMC ?
2) Is there a way to activate other views in the Videos Addons folder (or any Addons type by the way) ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: Sorry for the unclear topic title, maybe "Views for Video Addons" would be better, thanks to an admin to edit it.
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