Slingbox on XBMC - Here's How
Hi all,

I just released my SlingBox HTPC based front end here:

I am happy to help anyone with it right now. It should be ideal for XBMC windows.
(2013-03-10, 07:03)tspeirs Wrote: I am happy to help anyone with it right now. It should be ideal for XBMC windows.

Thanks for doing all that work and sharing it!

Two points:

- the forum site where you have support has not emailed the confirmation message.

- Could you post installation instructions? (Or does the download have a read me including that? I'm away from home and using an Android tablet.)
It should just be plug and play and setup is handled from within the app. You will need to use something like advance launcher to use it from XBMC but I may add a launcher plugin myself soon so its painless for folks. The forum is pretty decent and very active with other stuff so am not sure why you didn't get confirmation. Perhaps try sending it again?

Just a dummy post as it seems this forum turns off email notification each time unless you select it.
OK, I just released version 1.1 and it will automatically install an XBMC plugin for launching. Again it should just be plug and play when you install it.
Excellent work Tom. By the way, I'm a big fan of gamex. used it for my frontend of my MAME project!! I tried using the slingfront with XBMC Frodo, it launches beautifully. My problem is everytime i try to exit slingfront, it minimizes xbmc and I am back in windows desktop. Is there any way to quit slingfront straight back to XBMC for that integrated experience ?
Thanks for giving it a try. I am guessing it is something to do with full screen settings in XBMC. I had a similar issue with the XBMC gameex plugin with Frodo. I will take a look.
PS: I do plan to continue work on it while there is interest. At least for now. In order to help me improve the application could I please ask if anyone wants to ask for support or has requests to head over to my forum and post there so I can keep everything in one place. Its decent forum software.


1.2, now available fixe the focus issue.
WORKS!!!! Awesome app Tom!!
Thanks so much for the effort on this (and for sharing!), Tom. It works great. Much appreciated.
The embedded slingplayer is available here:
Looking through the code reveals that the latest version of the flash slingplayer is
I am using the program with my Windows Media remote. However, even if I use my (wired) keyboard, I've found that Slingfront only registers keystrokes about 50% of the time, even if a key is held down for over a second. For example, when I try to press the numbers on my remote to navigate directly to a channel (or even press the channel up/down buttons), it only sometimes registers the buttons I've pressed. This is incredibly frustrating and essentially make the program unusable for me.

I can confirm that this only happens while using Slingfront, because using my slingbox through the website on full screen has no such problem, and even though I experience the expected latency between input and on-screen feedback, all keystrokes are always registered on the other end.

Additionally, I've tried slingfront on another PC, and the same issue is present.

I've also had the chance to test multiple slingboxes on different accounts, and the issue is the same (only on Slingfront).

Is anyone else reporting this problem? And more importantly, is there a fix?
It would be a shame if no fix exists, since Slingfront is currently the only one I can find that has a 10 foot interface and that has a plugin for XBMC.

I'm running the software on a Windows 7 PC, but I've also experienced the same problem on my Windows 8 PC.

Any ideas?
Any idea how to change aspect ratio on slingfront? I'm stuck on 4:3.
(2012-02-14, 19:56)uspino Wrote: Yes, but as far as I know (correct me if I'm wrong) it does not work with Slingbox Pro-HD because the stream is encrypted. It only works with lower-quality Slingboxes, like the Slingbox Solo.

This method allows for real HD streaming...

The Slingbox Solo is capable of HD streaming (1280x720 maximum).

But using this built-in method, it isn't because the resolution is limited to 420x320 -- which looks like poo -- I don't even see what the point of developing this was to be honest.
Why would anyone want to watch a 420x320 stream when the device itself can stream at 1280x720??

TL;DR -- don't use the add source sling:// method on the wiki and on the first page of this thread, install SlingFront -- it's 10 million times better.
In my experience, Slingplayer looks best in internet explorer, rather than chrome. Also this WDTV link is awesome. I'm able to use keyboard shortcuts directly via Harmony remote. Using Advanced launcher, select iexplorer.exe. For arguments, use: -k ""
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