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XBMCbuntu - PVR
Is it possible to set the latest eden version up as a pvr including backend without installing another specific version of xbmc?

If not how can the specific version be installed on the XBMCbuntu base?
Yes! I'd like to know that too...
I'm no expert but I would assume you can put Mythtv on and use the Mythtv video add on.
nicktids, you're right, that should work for people with a mythtv back end. Personally, I really like the 'native' feel of watching television in xbmc-pvr so I prefer that over the Mythbox add-on.
What would be nice would be for the installer to add an option to install/configure the backend automatically...
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Thank you.

How would I go about installing eden xbmc-pvr on xbmcbuntu?

Sudo apt get??
bilbonvidia, been searching for same, no luck yet. Anyone ?

EDIT: finally found a solution:

Download this file
then run chmod +x
finally run ./

don't know how this will impact future releases thou
I've managed to get mythtv and the mythbox addon working but I will keep that in mind if I go the xbmc-pvr route
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