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Xperience1080 - Moving View Types?
I'm trying to allow the Tri-Panel view type to be visible in the list of available views in the "Applications" menu of Xperience1080.

Here's what I've done so far:

1) In the Includes_Views.xml file, I added the line <include>Viewtype-TriPanel</include> under the <include name="Programs-Views"> group.

2) In the MyPrograms.xml file, I added the number 52 to the <views>50,55,56,57,58,60,61</views> line (which is the correct ID for Tri-Panel).

3) I open the ViewtypesVideoLibrary.xml file and copy all the data for the Tri-Panel view under the <!-- TriPanel (52) --> heading.

4) Finlay, I open the ViewtypesPrograms.xml and paste the new Tri-Panel info between the Poster and Wall views.

Unfortunately, this did not work as it's still not a visible option in the view list. What am I missing?

You have to rename the include to something else and remove visible conditions of the list and panels. Then you'll have to adjust the labels in the info panel (for specific add-ons like advanced launcher). After that you'll have to update the viewmodes script for correct open/close stage animations, launch it on load of myprograms and set the stage visibility whenever you open the programs window with tri-panel as view... I think you also have to include the stage for programs. Stage stuff isn't easy so you may live without correct animations or completely without the stage.
Thanks for the info!

Sounds like trying to mod this version of the skin is a bit more complicated than expected.

Is it possible to move the Tri-Panel view to other menus in the original Xperience by Team Blackbolt without having to do so much? I've had great success moving views around in that skin in the past.
I've got 2 questions about the viewtypes Wink

1. How to add musicvideos to the videolibary viewtypes? They are part of the videolibary in xmbc but only Show up in ListView Sad

2. Is it possible to get all (or some) program viewtypes also in the addon section? Cause those viewtypes would look great on addons like YouTube, etc.

Hope somebody can help me out Wink Thanks.


Xperience1080 - Moving View Types?00